List of sports A – Z & list of summer & winter Olympic sports

List of Sports A - Z

In this article, For Kids will offer you a list of different types of sports for kids and outline some important benefits of sports, in general, for your children. In addition, you’ll find a list of summer and winter Olympic sports below, ordered alphabetically from A to Z. The list is ordered alphabetically from A … Read more

10 steps to motivate your kids to be active

motivate children to be active

The secret to becoming physically active—which lies within each one of us, young and old—is that we all have something that motivates us. Whether that motivation is the way running makes us feel or the desire to be like our idol, tapping into it is like tapping into a superpower. Motivation can give us an … Read more

Benefits of horse riding for kids and types of competitions

Horse riding for kids

If you’re searching for an exciting sport that’s at the same time useful for your kids, you can’t find an activity that’s better than horse riding for kids. Equestrian sport for children is one of the most challenging games that can also have many benefits for your kids. It’s actually an ancient activity. The first … Read more

Badminton for kids | All you need to know about this game

Best badminton rackets for kids

When a child grows up and becomes more active, most parents want to make regular exercise part of their life. That’s because we all know that physical activity creates the best conditions for the growth and development of a young body. In this article, For Kids will talk about everything that parents need to know … Read more