What is the best age to start Karate classes for kids?

Best age to start Karate classes for kids

It’s possible to start preparing a child for karate classes for kids at the age of five years old. At this age, special karate academies start gymnastics and stretching classes for children. Additionally, they develop the memory and attention span of the child, because these will be needed later for the formal training of karate. … Read more

Kickboxing for kids – a complete guide from A to Z

Kickboxing for kids

Kickboxing for kids is a kind of mixed martial arts (MMA) in which punches and kicks are allowed. It’s the result of merging karate with boxing, so it’s sometimes called “boxing with legs” or “karate in gloves.” You may think that kickboxing sports are not suitable for kids, for a variety of reasons, so let’s … Read more