What is the best age to start Karate classes for kids?

It’s possible to start preparing a child for karate classes for kids at the age of five years old.

At this age, special karate academies start gymnastics and stretching classes for children.

Additionally, they develop the memory and attention span of the child, because these will be needed later for the formal training of karate.

In karate lessons, children will learn obedience and discipline. These qualities will be useful to them not only in the karate game, but also in life.

At this age, parents shouldn’t expect that the kids will realize the importance of training. Children in this age group aren’t yet able to take many things seriously.

By the age of seven to nine years, a child will begin to understand the importance of their karate classes. At this level, the child should be transferred to specialized courses in karate.

In European countries, as well as in the United States, children undergo an interview with a trainer who will supervise their subsequent years in the sport.

During the interview, the master will try to identify the child’s desire to practice karate, and most importantly, try to understand whether it’s time to practice seriously or if it’s still too early.

For some children, an exception will be made, and the learning process will begin before the age of six years.

A big plus is the enrollment of a child at an early age in connection with entering school.

By the age of seven, the child will learn independence and will be able to stand up for themselves. Thus, their adaptation to school life will be much milder.

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The best age to start karate lessons for boys and girls

Karate is one of the martial art activities that’s equally suitable for both girls and boys.

Of course, the classic karate of Asian countries was focused on the male, but in the 21st century, there’s no such difference.

Girls can start karate earlier than boys

At an early age, girls are better at learning than boys.

According to research conducted by the University of Missouri, girls are significantly ahead of boys in their childhood development.

The research sample was made up of 300 children between the first and sixth grade.

Girls tend to thoughtfully, methodically and painstakingly master the fundamental technique of this type of martial arts. In this regard, kata and kihon are available for them from four years of age.

Boys lack concentration at an early age

On the contrary, it’s difficult for boys to concentrate on learning karate techniques at this early age, especially for hyperactive children, as their attention lasts a maximum of five minutes.

Therefore, instead of mastering the basics of karate, it’s better to focus your efforts on the physical training of your child.

From the age of six, parents can sign their boys up for a specialized class that focuses on studying karate techniques.

However, their intellectual potential will still be inferior to the female, up to age nine.

After this threshold, the boys begin to “catch up” with girls and become more successful.