Safety tips during activities and exercises for kids

Safety tips for kids while exercising

Safety should be the number-one concern when you’re performing physical exercises with kids. If you’re wondering how to keep your kids safe while playing and doing exercises, including team sports such as soccer and basketball, and extreme sports as kickboxing, will introduce a few safety tips that’ll work for any game or activity below. … Read more

18 Benefits of team sports for kids and youth

Benefits of team sports for kids

Trying something new creates a unique sense of creativity and adventure. Good things happen when you’re not afraid to try a new activity. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, team sports are appropriate for children six years old and up. Team sports as soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, synchronized swimming, football and more can … Read more

List of sports A – Z & list of summer & winter Olympic sports

List of Sports A - Z

In this article, For Kids will offer you a list of different types of sports for kids and outline some important benefits of sports, in general, for your children. In addition, you’ll find a list of summer and winter Olympic sports below, ordered alphabetically from A to Z. The list is ordered alphabetically from A … Read more

Basketball for kids: Best age, benefits & cost of equipment

Basketball for kids

Basketball is a team sport in which a team of five players play against another team. The aim is to shoot the maximum number of baskets in the hoop to win the game. Basketball can be played by adults and children at any time of the year and is considered an indoor and outdoor activity. … Read more