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50 Rare boys names which could soon be extinct

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50 Rare boys names which could soon be extinct

rare boys names
50 Rare boys names

When parents name their kids, they are trying to take inspiration from various places such as films, regions, book names, religions, or family heritage.

When a particular name becomes too familiar for some time, most parents prefer to ignore it.

With time, these names become obsolete and classified as rare baby names.

For kids has included a list contains a series of classic and rare baby names for boys according to the US Social Security Administration.

These names have not been discovered or are on the verge of extinction.

Rare baby names for boys

1- Otis

It means “fortune and prosperity”, and was originated from the German name Oda.

2- Ripley

It has an English roots. Ripley means “from the shooter’s field”.

3- Reed

means “red” and it is an English name.

4- Hugo

Another German name which means “intelligence”.

5- Ollie

It originated from the French name “Oliver” and means “olive tree”.

6- Larson

A Latin name and means “from Laurentum” or “crowned with laurels”.

7- Pascal

The meaning of Pascal is “The kid who born during Easter”.

8- Leo

Leo means “lion” and at has Latin origin. 

9- Rusty

It is a traditional name and means ‘redhead’

10- Teo

Teo is the short version of Matthew, which means “gift of God”.

11- Paolo

It is an Italian name, which means “small”.

12- Shaw

Shaw meaning is “dweller by the wood”

13- Viktor

It has Latin origin. Name “Viktor” means “conqueror”.

14- Ozias

Meaning is “salvation”.

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15- Nile

Nile means “champion”.

16- Ace

Ace means “noble” or “unity”.

​17- Dexter

It has Latin origin and means “skilled”.

18- Finn

This is an Irish name and the meaning of it is “Fair”.

19- Thierry

“Ruler of the People”.

20- Zane

Zane is the Hebrew edition of the name John and it means “Gift from God”.

21- Octavius

Octavius ​ means “eight”.

22- Gordon

Gordon means a “spacious fort” and it has a Scott origin.

23- Vida

It originated from Portugal. It means “life”.

24- Arlo

It has an English origin. It means a “fortified hill”.

25- Ryker

It has a Dutch origin which means “rich”.

Unique baby names
Unique baby names for boys

26- Nakoa

Nakoa means “warrior”.

27- Elula

It means “August” in Hebrew.

28- Auden

This is a poetic English name which means ” The old friend”.

29- Dex

Dex is the short form of Dexter. It means “the right-handed person”.

30- Ferris

Ferris and its meaning is “rock”.

31- Birch

It refers to a strong, tall, and graceful tree.

32- Grey

The name has an English origin and is derived from the color “gray”.

33- Aristotle

Aristotle means “superior” and it has a Greek origin.

34- Wes

Wes means “West meadow”.

35- Keegan

It is an Irish name and refers to “thinker” or “fiery”.

36- Hawk

The meaning of the name is “eagle”.

37- Kingston

Kingston is an English name which means “king’s field”.

38- Huxley

Huxley means “inhospitable place”.

39- Montague

It means “Pointed hill” and it is a French.

40- Hart

Hart is a short and strong uncommon baby name that means “stag”.

41- Janus

The name Janus means “gateway”.

42- Maguire

Maguire is a cheerful and lively family name and its meaning is “son of the beige one”.

43- Penn

The meaning of the Penn is”enclosure”.

44- Roscoe

“deer forest”.

45- Slater

“slate maker”.

46- Werner

“protecting army”.

47- Remi


48- Laszlo

“glorious ruler”.

49- Fischer


50- Bobo

“bright fame”.

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