The 5 Best Baseball Gloves For 8-Year Olds

As a parent, it’s a great challenge to choose from the many brands of baseball gloves that are on the market. Every company portrays its products in the best possible light, in order to attract the maximum number of sales, so it’s hard to know what brand is actually the best. However, this article has you covered, as we’ll go through the five best baseball gloves for 8-year-olds that are available for purchase.

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Best baseball glove for 8 year old (overall)

Mizuno Prospect Finch (9.4 rating)

These gloves are made of 100 percent leather, which makes them lightweight. They’re flexible and soft, so they can be broken in easily. Despite the high-quality features of each glove, the gloves still come at a fair price, in comparison to other available options.

The 5 best baseball gloves for an 8-year-old - Mizuno Prospect Finch

Features and benefits

  • Extra lining and a padded palm to prevent the sting of the ball
  • Designed using V-flex and PowerClose technologies that help with controlling and catching the ball
  • Made from pigskin, with palms made of full-grain leather


  • Cheap, considering the features
  • Comfortable to play with because of the adjustable wrist lock
  • Has a sweat-eliminating MZO lining, so it won’t condense or become full of sweat
  • PowerClose technology makes catching the ball seem effortless


  • Soft, so it may not last as long as other glove types

Editorial review

If your child is new to the game of baseball, these are the best gloves for them. They’re comfortable, secure and durable, and are capable of high performance during a game. They’ve been well-customized for effortlessly catching the ball.

Those who’ve already purchased the gloves say that their children are comfortable wearing them, especially after their first game has taken place. Parents have also highlighted the quality of the gloves, referring to the padded palm of each that’s made of soft, flexible 100 percent leather.

The fair price is another factor that customers have complimented, as the gloves have a comparable price to those of a much lower quality.

Best baseball glove for 8 year old (runner-up)

Rawlings Players Youth Gloves (9.4 rating)

These gloves can be used to play any position in a baseball game, and they’re best for kids who are at an early learning stage. Each one is made from vinyl material, which makes it lightweight for your kid’s comfort. The vinyl material also makes it quick and easy to put on and close one of these gloves. Each glove has a basket web, which will help a child catch their ball or scoop it up from the floor.

The 5 best baseball gloves for an 8-year-old - Rawlings Players Youth Gloves

Features and benefits

  • Convectional back is made of Neo-Flex material
  • Wrist strap is made of Velcro
  • Basket web pattern allows kids to easily catch the ball


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Comes already 100 percent broken-in
  • Soft, pliable shell is easy to move and close


  • Unlike the Mizuno gloves, there are no patents
  • Manufactured only in one color
  • Vinyl material isn’t very durable

Editorial review

The Rawlings gloves are ideal for a novice player. They’re designed for use in any position: infield, pitching or outfield. They’re available at a fair price, and once you obtain yours, you won’t have to break it in.

These gloves have a high rating from the customers who bought them for their children. Some kids who’ve used these gloves in a game or practice never want to switch to another pair, since they’re so comfortable and high-quality. However, some parents claim that after purchasing the gloves, they realized that they were either too small or too big for their children.

Best value baseball glove

Louisville Slugger 2019 (8.7 rating)

The Louisville Slugger 2019 gloves have been made for the infield position. The leather material will serve your child well, although it may be hard to break in. Each set also has a web pattern, which makes it easier for an infielder to catch and throw a baseball to their teammates. These gloves are available at a fair and affordable price.

Features and benefits

  • Each glove is 10.5 inches in size, so they can fit kids’ hands very well
  • They come in different shades, including grey, white and black
  • The company manufactures gloves for both hands, ensuring that no customer is left behind


  • Affordable for anyone who’s interested in playing baseball
  • Position-specific for infielders


  • No padding, which means a child’s hand will absorb the shock and sting of the ball

Editorial review

For a glove that will last until it can’t fit your child’s hand, Louisville is the best choice. These gloves are made of leather, along with nylon webbing, and these two materials will ensure each glove’s long life. For a good-quality glove, parents will find this type to be affordable.

The closed web of each glove will make both catching and transferring the ball seem easy for infielders, so if your child has already identified the infield as their position in the game, you should go for this type of glove over another option.

The customers from online platforms have praised the quality of these Louisville gloves. Along with being long-lasting, they don’t require any complicated maintenance or care. The closed-web design has been selected for the benefit of infielders, although some customers have complained that the glove will expose their kids to injury since it doesn’t have a padded palm to prevent shock and stinging.

Most durable baseball glove

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series (9.3 rating)

If you’re thinking of durability, think of the Wilson series gloves. The gloves are manufactured with unique technology and special features that have given them a great reputation among baseball players. Each glove has a very attractive appearance and a strong and long-lasting web. The Wilson company has been producing baseball gear for more than eight years now, so if you choose this type of glove for your child, it’s unlikely that you’ll be disappointed.

The 5 best baseball gloves for an 8-year-old - Wilson A2000 Series

Features and benefits

  • Features Dri-Lex Technology to make a player’s wrist comfortable during a game
  • Has a half-moon web that’s strong and can last longer than other types of webbing
  • Offers dual welting
  • Made using pro-stock leather, which has strength and doesn’t wear out quickly


  • Made with modern technology to give your child the comfort they deserve
  • Pocket is made of durable stock leather that’s not difficult to break in
  • May offer increased mobility in comparison to other gloves


  • ·Doesn’t arrive broken-in enough to prevent the sting of a ball

Editorial review

If you’re looking to improve the game of baseball for your child, get them these gloves, and you’ll soon see a difference. They’re highly durable and affordable, and the technology used to manufacture them will ensure a high level of comfort.

Online customers have praised the quality of these gloves and the comfort they provide, saying that their quality is higher than that of some gloves that are sold at a higher price. There are some complaints about ball stings, although these are few and far between.

When you’re choosing gloves, be sure to always consider the material used to make them—leather is best, if you don’t want them to be fragile. Other important factors to consider are the price, the size, and the quality of the gloves.

Best budget-friendly baseball glove

Franklin Field Master Baseball Glove (9.0 rating)

These gloves are simple, but aesthetically pleasing, and are one of the best types of children’s gloves out there. Franklin manufactures different glove sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your kid best. They also manufacture gloves for both hands, thereby covering all their potential customers.

The 5 best baseball gloves for an 8-year-old - Franklin Field Master Baseball Glove

Features and benefits

  • Made of synthetic leather, which is light and soft for kids to use
  • The pocket resembles the shape of a human hand, which makes it easy to catch a ball
  • The hand-shaped pocket also makes these gloves very easy to break in
  • The gloves have a 90-day, customer-friendly warranty
  • Each glove has a flexible contour system, so it’ll fit the shape of a child’s hand comfortably


  • No break-in period
  • Made of leather, which guarantees durability
  • Sold at an affordable price, despite high quality
  • The contour system makes each glove customizable


  • Can become sweaty, due to a lack of ventilation
  • The pocket for catching the ball isn’t as effective as the pockets of some other baseball gloves

Editorial review

This is one of the best gloves you can offer your kid for practice or playing a match, as they’re designed in a way that makes catching and pitching the ball extremely easy. A child can grow within this durable glove, since each one has a contour system that will enable it to expand as the child’s hand expands in size. The manufacturer also offers a 90-day warranty you can use if the gloves are damaged, which is a clear indication that they’re made to last.

Customers have reviewed the Franklin gloves positively, mostly praising them for their affordable price. They’ve also been commended for their comfort, due to their lightweight leather material. The adjustability of the gloves is another great strength, as they can be customized to fit virtually any child’s hand.

8 things to consider when purchasing baseball gloves

Dominant hand

Before purchasing a glove for your child, know their dominant hand (the hand that they’ll be using to throw the ball). If they use their left hand to throw, they’ll require a right-hand glove. This is the most important factor to consider.

Type of break-in required

A baseball glove made from very hard leather can be stressful for a child to use, as it’ll be difficult to open it up and allow it to be broken in. When making baseball gloves for kids, smart manufacturers have the kids in mind and make the gloves from soft leather to ensure an easy break-in process.


Some baseball gloves are made from different materials, but mostly, they’re made of leather. For grown-ups, treated leather is used to manufacture gloves, but this can’t be used to make children’s gloves, as it’ll take the children too long to open them up and break them in.

Wrist strap

This is an essential feature to consider for your kid’s comfort in the game. A glove with an adjustable strap can be loosened or tightened in accordance with your child’s wrist size.

Palm padding

The main purpose of a pad is to protect the child from a shock or a rebound of the ball. Kids are weak, in comparison to adults, so their gloves must be well-padded in order to prevent injuries resulting from shock.


If you want to know for sure what’s the best size baseball glove for an 8 year old? Don’t guess at this. Before buying make your child try it on. A too-small glove will be a waste of money, while a glove that’s too large will be uncomfortable for your child to wear during a game.

Playing position

Some gloves are designed for players of a certain position, such as an infielder or an outfielder. Before you buy a baseball glove for your child, make sure you know their position. If they’re a beginner, you can buy a glove that suits all positions.


Research the price of baseball gloves before buying one so you don’t end up being exploited. When considering the price, consider the quality of the glove, too. Don’t go for cheap gloves that’ll be uncomfortable for your kid.

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