30 Core strengthening exercises for kids at home

Core strengthening exercises for kids

All of our movements are powered by our torso, or core—it is the body’s center of power. The abdominal and back muscles work together to support the spine when we sit, stand, bend over, pick things up, and exercise. So, it is important to train these muscles regularly to be fit. In this article, For … Read more

Safety tips during activities and exercises for kids

Safety tips for kids while exercising

Safety should be the number-one concern when you’re performing physical exercises with kids. If you’re wondering how to keep your kids safe while playing and doing exercises, including team sports such as soccer and basketball, and extreme sports as kickboxing, forkids.com will introduce a few safety tips that’ll work for any game or activity below. … Read more

Exercise For Kids: 6 Indoor & Outdoor Relay games for kids

Relay games for kids

A relay race is a racing competition in which members of a team take turns completing parts of the racecourse or doing a particular action. Relay games are particularly fun for kids and help them learn about teamwork. These games are also competitive, which can make kids and adults alike put forth their best effort. … Read more

Physical fitness for kids: 50 exercises for body balance

Physical fitness for kids

To develop endurance, strength, balance and flexibility, children need exercises that help them practice a variety of different movement skills. Practicing these fine and gross motor skills help them develop dexterity, muscle strength, hand–eye coordination and sensory perception. Developing fine motor skills is the major building block for developing more significant motor skills, such as … Read more