“The Most Beautiful Twins In The World”, See Where They Are Now

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 Identical Twin Girls Have Grown Up To Be “The Most Beautiful Twins In The World”

Having a baby is always a memorable occasion to be celebrated. But when the mother has twins, the news usually doesn’t cause a blip on the human-interest story scene. After all, she only has two children, not four, five or six.

Clements twins

On July 7, 2010, Jaqi Clements and her husband welcomed two beautiful twin girl babies, Leah Rose, and Ava Marie into the world. The daughters can’t imagine how chaotic and crazy their lives will be. They expected double the diaper duty, long, late nights and twice the spit-ups. They never anticipated their sweet girls looks to cause such a fuss. But Jaqi wrote on her blog that although her little baby girls were born four weeks early, their strong personalities didn’t take long to shine through.