How to Hang a Swing From a Tree Without Branches

Swing on beach near palm tree - How to hang a swing from a tree without branches

Having a tree swing in the backyard is one of the simplest joys of childhood. There are many types of swings than can easily be purchased from leading retailers and online stores nowadays. Some of the most popular types of swings are plank, disk, tire and saucer swings. Parents can also get creative and use … Read more

“The Most Beautiful Twins In The World”, See Where They Are Now

Having a baby is always a memorable occasion to be celebrated. But when the mother has twins, the news usually doesn’t cause a blip on the human-interest story scene. After all, she only has two children, not four, five or six. On July 7, 2010, Jaqi Clements and her husband welcomed two beautiful twin girl … Read more

10 Tumbling games for toddlers to increase body flexibility

Tumbling games for toddlers

Tumbling, also known as power tumbling or floor gymnastics, is a type of gymnastics in which gymnasts perform combination skills of artistic gymnastics and trampolining without using any gymnastics equipment or props. Common moves performed in tumbling include rolls, somersaults, tucks, handstands, backbends, handsprings, leg splits, cartwheels and round-offs. Tumbling helps children develop bilateral motor … Read more

Top 10 Jumping and Running games for kids

running games for kids

Fun running games for kids help with weight loss and prevention of childhood obesity, since they cause children to burn fat as they play. School-age children can receive great health benefits from running shorter distances—with a lesser risk of injury than if they were to run for longer periods of time. In this article, For … Read more