Basketball for kids: Best age, benefits & cost of equipment

Basketball for kids

Basketball is a team sport in which a team of five players play against another team. The aim is to shoot the maximum number of baskets in the hoop to win the game. Basketball can be played by adults and children at any time of the year and is considered an indoor and outdoor activity. … Read more

Tennis for kids – best age, benefits, cost, choosing an academy

Tennis for kids

Tennis is one of the racquet sports, as it’s played with a racquet and a ball. This popular game is suitable for both boys and girls, and kids and adults alike. It first appeared between 1859 and 1865. An individual player can compete with another one, or a team of two players can play with … Read more

What are the different types of Gymnastics you know?

Types of gymnastics

Gymnastics is a broad term used to describe a range of physical activities dating back to the Egyptians in 2000 B.C. Several other ancient societies have also documented various types of gymnastic sport in relation to conditioning and health. The more modern competitive gymnastics is based on the work of Freidrich Jahn, who developed apparatuses … Read more

What is the best age to start Karate classes for kids?

Best age to start Karate classes for kids

It’s possible to start preparing a child for karate classes for kids at the age of five years old. At this age, special karate academies start gymnastics and stretching classes for children. Additionally, they develop the memory and attention span of the child, because these will be needed later for the formal training of karate. … Read more